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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Many Adventures of Gregg's 30th Birthday!

The fun started a week early at the youth World Changers' Party. The youth smashed birthday cake in his face and then had to run from Gregg as he wiped it on everyone :)

Then the party continued on the 19th with just our family. Lucie got Gregg water guns (though she TOLD him she's bought him a Playstation) so they had fun in the backyard. Afterwards we all dried off and headed to Lafayette for bowling, a movie (Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D ~ very good!), and of course, SUSHI.

Look which way Griff is holding the water gun. We didn't even have to squirt him, Griff took care of that all by himself!
Bowling Lessons

And lastly, the youth threw Gregg a surprise party Sunday afternoon. He was given a new Bible that all the students signed ~ very special!

So, three parties, four birthday cakes, numerous gifts, one singing phone call (thanks to our TX and OK family), and countless Facebook messages ~ Gregg is officially 30! Happy Birthday sweetie, we love you soo much!

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