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Sunday, July 06, 2008

moving the church

Today was our annual fun day for the church at Lucie's friend, Jack's house.

When I told her that the whole church (meaning the people) was going to be there she got real quiet and said, "Awesome..... so we're going to tear the whole building down and move it to Jack's backyard?!?"

Unfortunately due to the rain and Griffin not taking a nap - he played in his crib from one o'clock until 4 and would NOT sleep - we were not able to go. Lucie was bummed but brightened when she realized we would get to keep the brownies we baked :)


yellodaisy said...

I was wondering what happened to you guys! I'm sorry you didn't get to come and I hate that I missed out on brownies!! Tell Lucie you can come to swim another time.

Camera Clicker said...

Oh man....are those the GOOD brownies that we LOVE??!!?! We could have all driven by your house on the way home. A drive-by brownie....yum! :)