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Monday, March 30, 2009

an afternoon at Magnolia Ridge Gardens

After lunch, I took Lucie, Griffin and Carson to explore Magnolia Ridge Gardens in Washington, La. It was lots of fun, although we couldn't go into the antebellum home. The gardens gave us lots to discover:

Lucie and Carson
Griffin had so much fun exploring with his new stick (or magic wand, or flag pole, or poker ... whichever fit his purpose at that moment)

on the way, Lucie and Carson talked about finding the perfect tree to climb. Here it is!

Carson wasn't all that excited about picture taking


A Family of Arnaud's said...

Hey, this is where I had my bridal photos done!

Misty said...

Man - it is so lush and green there! Colorado is so darn brown. :-(

Has Griffin had a growth spurt lately because he looks like he has just shot up!