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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bailey's Birthday Party

Griffin's friend Bailey had her 3rd birthday party today at the skating rink. I was a bit nervous to bring them because they've never really been on skates much but they surprised me! They both did really well and are looking forward to the next skating party. Which is actually in two weeks!!

Skating with the birthday girl

Lucie loves cake!

Griffin does not love cake!

Griffin playing Gregg's old favortie video game, Tekken!


apulling said...

I can not believe how big all the kids are getting. That doesn't even look like Bailey to me, lol! I miss seeing you, hope you are doing well.

Frogs Mom said...

Our roller rink had the same skates! And why doesn't Griffin like cake?!

Gregg, Mandi, Lucie, Griffin said...

Autumn, the kids are getting big, it's amazing to me how fast they are growing! I miss seeing Payton on Sunday mornings, hope she enjoying her summer with mom and dad home all day :) If you are ever over this way please come visit!

Michelle, Griffin has never liked sweet stuff, doesn't eat much bread or dairy. It seems odd that a child of MINE would not like cake or ice cream!