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Friday, October 16, 2009

Lucie is sick with a stomach virus so she spent the day in the chair watching cartoons. Griffin is a boy who has to be outside, especially on a beautiful day like today. I think it's rained every day the past week and we are about to go crazy inside, so Griffin and I headed outside to pick pecans.

Griffin was proud of his "trailer" of pecans

Do you see the fish face pecan?

He was "sharing" the pecans from my bucket to his ;)

Griffin wanted to pick Lucie flowers to make her feel better! He's such a sweet brother :)


Jennifer said...

aww, that is sweet of him! I see the fish face pecan!

Robbi said...

That is such a sweet brother! Hope Lucie feels better soon.

A Family of Arnaud's said...

He sure is a sweet little boy--maybe he could give mine lessons! LOL I see the fish face too. =)