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Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy 32 Years!

Gregg turned 32 today!

The youth surprised Gregg Sunday night with a cookie cake and 32 candles!
Lanie came in late and wanted Gregg to blow out the candles again! only one this time
Click Clack giving Gregg a massage!
Finally got his mocha chocolate chip cheesecake!
Lucie made him a mug out of duct tape
Griffin wanted to give Dad an elephant. Since we couldn't find a real one to give him, Griff decided he wanted to make Drew into an elephant. After Mama ruined that plan he settled for making an elephant out of a box and duct tape
Drew's gift to Dad was that he didn't spit up on him all day!
Mocha was jealous and wanted to get in the pictures

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