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Saturday, April 16, 2011


While on our way to Kansas we had lots of fun. Gregg and I always try to find great stops along the way, traveling to vacation spots are sometimes more fun than actually being there! A great resource for finding out of the way places is Road Trip America

We found Mater along Route 66 in Galena, Kansas. He sits at a restored gas station/cafe. Next time we go through there Griffin wants to bring money for gas so he can take Mater for a ride!

In Joplin, Missouri we found a great waterfall and got to do a little hiking. I was very impressed by Lucie's ability to climb rocks in flip-flops!

Griffin standing on his "Own Little Island!"

In Diamond, Missouri we visited the George Washington Carver National Park. It is an amazing place, we all enjoyed learning a little more about this amazing man.

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