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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy 8 Months Caleb Henry!

Caleb Henry made 8 months today and he is such a joy to have around the house.  An easy going baby, he loves to be talked to and included in any family activity!  He loves when all the big kids are sitting on the floor playing and he gets to play too. 

Caleb can sit up for a few seconds but much prefers to be on his belly scooting.  He scoots around a little but never goes very far.  He says "Dada" and "Mama" and makes lots of raspy noises but most of all he loves to squeal loudly! Still not a fan of taking a bath in the big bathtub but loves splashing in the kitchen sink!

This month Caleb tried asparagus, carrot, pears and mangos and liked them all but his most favorite is the carrots. His two bottom teeth came in at the same time, it was a rough week but we all made it! 

His favorite place to be is outside.  He can be having a fussy day and as soon as we step outside he stops crying! Caleb loves watching the cars pass by and the kids playing in the yard.

Here is what the kids say about Caleb:

Lucie- I like to help Caleb stand up, he gets a kick out of that!

Griffin- Caleb gives me kisses and hugs back now!

Drew-  We watch cars outside.

Here is some pictures that I took outside today. Enjoy!

watching the cars go by!

He reached out and touched the grass but decided he didn't like it!

Caleb never frowns for long, he is such a happy boy!

I love his cheeks and chubby little hands!

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