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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy 9 Months, Caleb Henry!

 Nine months of pregnancy seem to go by so slow but nine months in a baby's life just fly by!

Caleb Henry is such a happy sweet boy.  He really loves to play with his toys but always needs to stay close to mama or daddy.  While he still loves his frogs and murphy the moose, Caleb's new favorite toys are the blocks.  He loves to knock them over!

Scoots on his belly still but he can get around fast! Loves to pull on and stand and even does a little "cruising" around.  My little chunky boy is over 20 lbs and wears size 18 month clothes.

Lucie, Griffin and Drew have been at their grandparents' home the last two weeks and Caleb has really found his voice.  He calls Mama and Dada all the time but I'm starting to notice a word/sound for eat and also when John walks in the room Caleb calls out to him.

The stranger anxiety is starting to pass him by. He can stay in the nursery at church most Sundays and also smiles at people we meet in the store.

This month Caleb's new foods were kiwi, honeydew melon, broccoli and egg yolks.  He loved it all :)  Also he is beginning to pick up small pieces of food and eat by himself. He now has a high chair and gets so excited when it's time to sit in it!

trying to help take the picture!

He loves to pull up and stand!

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