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Sunday, August 30, 2015

All Church Retreat

The All Church Retreat was lots of fun and equally exhausting! 

Caleb made himself at home!

Izzie and John

It's almost midnight and Caleb is still happy :)

John and Drew playing pool

Lucie caught a frog

Dance party!

Even though they stayed up reallllly late, these boys were ready to go early!

Girls morning Bible study, Lucie is the girl in bright pink!

Drew and Lucie in a skit

I was so proud of Lucie, Griffin and Drew for volunteering to participate in the skits!

Caleb and his buddy

Last session of the retreat..... they almost made it!

Griffin and his trophy for telling the best story.  He told about the time he had a really bad headache and then we prayed and the headache went away :)

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