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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Drew's party!

Our Drew will turn 4 on the 5th of June but we had his party yesterday.  A great lightsaber/sword fighting party organized by Griffin. 

Airplane birthday cake!

Not taking a picture of me!
 Happy Birthday Drew!
 Playing "Pin the lightsaber on Yoda" game made by Griffin

Drew and his best buddy Aedyn

Tried to get a group shot!  Lucie, Kaitlyn, Kimber, Griffin, Glory, Drew and Aedyn

Not so thrilled about his cake!  He requested a Green grilled cheese chocolate cake but said he would be ok with an airplane cake.  Mama failed! (but he sure enjoyed 2 pieces of this one!)

Not a Drew party without weapons!

Lucie made him a paper airplane with all his favorite things drawn on it

Griffin got him a spider man

The airplanes and aircraft carrier from mawmaw and pawpaw

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