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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Happy 4 Years, Michael Drew!

Our Michael Drew turned 4 today!  He is such a dramatic, silly, sweet boy with a great sense of humor.  Loves to play with Legos, race cars, airplanes, lightsabers, super heroes, video games and of course anything that Griffin does, Drew does too! Drew is an amazing big brother to Caleb, always willing to play with him and give him kisses.

Drew's favorite food is grilled cheese, favorite color is usually orange but today he said it's blue, favorite books are Pokey Little Puppy and Superhero mix and match storybook, and favorite movie is Clone Wars (Star Wars).

He doesn't always say a lot so I treasure each "Love you, mama" that I get. He loves going to "school" (speech therapy) and we are so thankful to Mrs. Rachel for helping him expand his vocabulary and speech.

Grilled cheese for a birthday breakfast? Sure, why not!?!

Loves to take upclose pictures!

Not sure if I have ever posted these pictures from December.  Drew and I made snowmen with the potato head pieces.  Perfect way to play in the snow without having to get all the gear on!

Here are some of his Lego car creations.  He made them all by himself!

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